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Licuadora TORNADO

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Licuadora TORNADO

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My name is Ingo - I am the founder and owner of DirectStoreUSA.com LLC - a family owned & operated business located in Las Vegas, NV.   

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Our TORNADO easily compares to the market-leading high-performance blenders made by Vitamix®. And it blows away all these low-end blenders, which claim they can do what only the best ones can. 

This blender was developed & designed with a true passion for blending, juicing and a healthy lifestyle in general. And we are 100% convinced that you will love this machine just as much as we do.  

Desarrollar esta licuadora nos llevó más de 3 años. Esto puede parecer mucho tiempo, ¡y tiene razón! Nuestro objetivo era crear una licuadora "perfecta", ya que no aceptaríamos ningún defecto o problema de diseño que hayamos encontrado en todas las otras licuadoras del mercado.

We love this machine, and we truly hope that you will join our passion!  

Compre ahora.....pague después

Pague el costo de su compra en cuotas con 2 opciones de pago convenientes y libres de estrés. Se encuentra disponible una opción sin intereses. O pague apenas $35 por mes.

¿Como funciona esto?

Nuestro TORNADO es tan versátil como las licuadoras de marcas líderes, y las posibilidades son infinitas.

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Premium Appliance

This blender is a premium appliance at a very competitive price point. The built-quality is outstanding and I'm sure that it'll last for an extended period of time.

Dean Meyers

Dr. Oz Green Juice

I wanted to make the green juice that Dr. Oz made in his show so I got this blender. I love it and the juices turn out really smooth and I feel fantastic and full of energy



Got the blender 2 months ago and so far I'm more than happy with it. It does a superb job destroying all ingredients into a smooth blend, even my nuts and seeds

Kathy F


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Love it
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